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07 September 2010 @ 02:20 pm
May take until next week to actually recap Dragoncon 2010 as I'm preparing to move. In the meantime, there are a couple of Facebook galleries you can sort through if interested.

First, I have a gallery titled "Dragoncon 2010" if you want to see a smattering of things that caught my eye and for which I had enough wits about me to take a cellphone pic. (I think this is only visible if we're friends on FB.)

Second, I created a group titled "True Blood fans at Dragoncon." It has a pic or two I took plus those posted by the growing number of True Blood fans at the con. (For now the group is open to everyone on FB.)
29 June 2010 @ 11:35 am

Flight to NYC - plane delayed due to maint problems in Cincinnatti.
Plane arrives - plane delayed due to maint problems in Norfolk.
Flight to NYC - arrives 5.5 hours late, carrying the same infant that was crying those 5.5 hours waiting for boarding at the gate, in the seat diagonally behind me.
Cab into city, drop luggage at hotel, walk to theatre to see "Promises, Promises", join Rob most of the way through Act 1.
Dinner at some ridiculously expensive sandwich shop on 6th (I think).


Brunch at Balthazar (I'm officially in love with a restaurant).
Walk through Soho to City Winery (got the tour and some samples from the cute, animated manager) to the pier parks (sooooo much numminess on display) then over Highline (the recording of bells of the city played at the top of the hour may not change your life, but it will rearrange your brain, in a good way) then up 8th Ave, zigzag around Times Square and back to hotel on 56th.
Dinner at Maze (btw, it is possible to OD on truffles).
Eagle (this was a very impressive parade of drool-inducing hotness).


Brunch at Vynl.
Half ride - half walk to parade, catch the last 15 mins of it. Do the festival, more eye candy and costumes, including an energetic yet sloppy performance of "Bad Romance" by a lip sync'er and her two dancers who occasionally danced to the same song.
Gym Bar, where we met Mario.
nap (me).
nap (Rob).
Dinner at Five Napkins (their strawberry mojito could be contender for the new 'it' drink).
Attempted a couple of venues, but they were too loud and crowded (G Lounge) or too expensive ($20 cover for Splash? Oh please), so we gave up.


Lunch at Kashkaval with Mario. I was completely charmed by him (which wasn't exactly the point of lunch with him, but was a wonderful bonus). Rob likes Mario, Mario is smitten with Rob. No news there.
Automated call from USAir - my flight has been cancelled. Rebook over the phone.
Say goodbye to Mario, head to airport with Rob.
New flight is delayed over an hour, but not late enough to miss the connecting flight. But as a bonus, there was an infant two rows behind me. Somehow, I didn't cry.

Epilogue: after meeting Mario, and thinking about him and Rob for a while, it finally occurred to me that they'd make a wonderful pair, particularly if Rob is the kind of guy Mario has in mind. Looking forward to what comes of their future texts. And maybe next year's Pride.
21 June 2010 @ 06:57 pm
How do you tell your family they have their TVs and TSs mixed up? More...Collapse )
"... while the Dow [DJIA] is still in quintuple digits." Video and summary comments on Robert Prechter's CNBC interview of Jan. 26, 2010. http://www.cnbc.com/id/35086130

At 4 mins. Sue asks Bob "what kind of percentage pullback are you looking at... for the stock market"? His response, rephrased, is to expect about the same percentage loss as the last tumble, from Oct. 2007 down into Mar. 2009.

As a subscriber to his newsletters, his comments here would be amusingly euphemistic if the consequences of them coming to pass *very* soon weren't so dire.
31 January 2010 @ 09:47 pm
The loss in the stock markets (DJIA and S&P) during the last two weeks of January should be partially recovered during the first two weeks of February. But after that, look out below. Here's one possibility(*) of what to expect, based on Fibonacci projections:

In the last two weeks of Jan., the S&P lost about 79 points (intraday). Let's say over the next two weeks it earns back 49 points to bring it to ~1120 (intraday) about Feb. 12th or maybe 15th. From there the down turn should be between 79 points (again) and 118 points (round estimates). For now we'll let all that play out before trying to estimate what happens next. Even though the markets will continue to go up and down from there, their net motion should be down, not returning to their January highs.

(*) There are a number of possible behaviors to expect over the next two weeks. This is an illustration of a simple, direct one. If something more complicated develops, then we'll figure out then what it's telling us to expect should follow.
25 January 2010 @ 01:18 pm
In Elliott wave terms, Robert Prechter makes a strong case that the stock market recovery which began in Mar. 2009 (in wave notation is called 'Primary 2') ended last week(*). From here another downturn (Primary 3) should unfold that by percentage is at least as big as that of Oct. 2007 down to Mar. 2009 (known as Primary 1). That allows us to outline the *minimum* decline for the DJIA and S&P500:

DJIA - below 4936 (base figures shown below)
S&P500 - below 483

More accurate estimates are forthcoming as the wave form progresses.

For better or worse, this decline (Primary 3) will likely be faster than before, taking 12 - 15 months instead of 17. Afterward there will be two more waves: another recovery (Primary 4) that will bring back a portion of this decline, but probably not reach up to the previous lows of Mar. 2009 (DJIA 6470, S&P 667); and another relatively small decline (Primary 5) that will probably set even lower lows than the ones we're headed for now.

Instead of waiting on dribs and drabs from me, a *much* better discussion and explanation of all this is written in Robert Prechter's volume, "Conquer the Crash", just updated Nov. 9, 2009. On Amazon search for "Conquer the Crash 2009". It is three 'books' in one volume. Book 1 discusses a bit of stock market and economic history and introduces how to read and anticipate Elliot waves as apply. Book 2 is Prechter's advice on what's going to happen to most of our asset classes and the financial products based on them. If you're going to buy this volume, read Book 2 first as there's precious little time to follow its advice to avoid being hurt by the instruments it discusses (insurance policies, annuities, stocks, bonds, etc.). Book 3 is a collection of essays from the last several years of Prechter's newsletters, demonstrating that he understood exactly what was happening with houses, stocks, bonds, metals and currencies well before they displayed their price behaviors in their markets.

If anyone wants to see clips of Prechter's interview on CNBC or Bloomberg TV, etc., just open up YouTube and search for 'CNBC Prechter' or 'Bloomberg Prechter'. The interviews I found range from Nov. 2009 back into fall 2007.

(*) As we know, the markets go where the markets go. It is possible to misread the wave patterns in progress and mis-anticipate their next moves; meaning, I can't promise they won't set new highs this week. But Prechter did not miss the call of Primary 1 down when it began in Oct. 2007 and he didn't miss the call of Primary 2 when it began Mar. 2009, so I'm willing to go with his assertion that Primary 3 down is on now.

Base Figures:

S&P500. Peaked in Oct. 2007 at 1576 (all figures intraday, rounded). From there it fell into Mar. 2009 at 667, a 58% loss (end of Primary 1). It recovered to Jan. 2010 at 1150 (end of Primary 2). Another loss of at least 58% will take it below 483 (which will be the end of its Primary 3).

DJIA. Peaked in Oct. 2007 at 14198 (all figures intraday, rounded). From there it fell into Mar. 2009 at 6470, a 54% loss (end of Primary 1). It recovered to Jan. 2010 at 10730 (end of Primary 2). Another loss of at least 54% will take it below 4936 (which will be the end of its Primary 3).
05 September 2009 @ 01:14 am
A couple of (high?) points from today:

- For future reference, Atlanta is a 9 hour drive from Norfolk, net the traffic and a couple of stops for a bite and gas. It might be less bad if going around Charlotte hadn't happened at rush hour on the Fri. of a holiday weekend, but that's the way it was.

- I found the check-in desk 10 minutes after it closed. "Come back tomorrow honey, we open at 8 a.m.", gleamed the cheery little (we're talking 5' 2") attendant as she swung the ballroom door shut.

- "Sam Anders" and "Gaeta" of BSG fame were spotted in the atrium. I grabbed my glass and headed down, but never saw them. Hopefully they'll be on a panel this weekend.

Rex, a Dragoncon vet and my roomie for the weekend, tells me tonight is the light one for parties, etc. Inside glimpse of the revelers in the atrium from the 6th floor. Look here...Collapse )
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04 September 2009 @ 07:55 am
Time to toss everything in the car and start driving. I think ATL is 8 - 9 hours ahead of me. Hopefully I won't get there later than 6 p.m.

Thriller practice has been getting better and better. I'll never do it perfectly, but it should be good enough if I'm in the middle of hundreds of others lurching, twisting and otherwise making like a zombie.

Pictures to come... maybe.
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31 August 2009 @ 09:07 am
Looks like I have room to share with another gay guy at the Marriott. Now have to finish getting the costume stuff ready. Took the old shirt that has the nice buttons (but doesn't fit anymore) and the new shirt without buttons to the cleaners this a.m. They're going to transfer the buttons between shirts. I know this sounds like a bit of effort to handle such a small detail, but I find the buttons make a noticeable difference.

Ya know, I don't recall ever being this meticulous about clothes. Makes me think I've been watching too much Project Runway.

Next: fix the wig, cut the eyebrows.
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29 August 2009 @ 06:33 pm
Things are slowly coming together for DragonCon:

Room -- I don't have a room confirmed yet, hopefully that will be in place by Sun. evening. This is going to be expensive -- I think I paid less for my round trip tik to London in 2005.

Costume -- Did a dry run of the costume fitting today. It was made 12 years and as many pounds ago. The results:

boots -- fit, a tad dusty
pants -- fit, tho they're cut a bit long
shirt -- no fit, gonna need another one
coat  -- fits, without a hair to spare
wig   -- fits, but some of the strands have come unglued; I think I can fix this.

Prayer -- I'm starting to wonder if there's any point in doing this. Then again, if I don't, I'm sure I'll look back on it as an opportunity to have a good time that I gave away.

... ponders, ponders ...

Conclusion: time to go buy a shirt.
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